Christian Truckers Resources A site for truck drivers who are trying to follow their faith while away from home and those who want to know more about Jesus Christ.

Freightliner Super Center Over 12,000 trucks for your review, first time buyers welcomed.

Favorite Big Trucks This page contains pictures of big trucks big rigs 18 wheelers cabovers dump trucks mixer trucks tanker trucks military trucks army trucks european trucks & cabover trucks. Help for professional drivers in dealing with road rage and traffic jams.And help for companies who need help training drivers.

Truck Route trucks, big rigs, truck drivers.

Anteaterlinks links to trucking industry sites.

Truck Industry Links quality and value links to the trucking community

MasterPlan Trucking Industry Resources; Software, Communications, Truck Dealers New/Used, Fuel Price Index, CPA's, Financing, Insurance, ICC Represenatives, Trucking Attorneys and much more! links for professional truckers.

Routes into Customers This site is dedicated to all of the heroes of the highways our truck drivers!

Truck Graphics Custom truck graphics for "anything". Trucking links page.

Wheelwedge tool for full size protection against rolling, slipping or moving.

Truck Tech Making Owner Operators out of Drivers.

SuperTrucker Software Provides Owner Operators/Independent Contractors with affordable software to assist them in the management of their business.

Audio Adventures Audio Adventures has been providing audiobook rentals and superior service to people around the country for the last 8 years.

Direct Freight Services Loads and equipment from carriers, trucking companies, and freight brokers all over the United States and Canada.

American Trucker Search for the right truck or trailer, browse industry news, find manufacturers and much more!

Fleet Vehicle Record System Comprehensive, yet inexpensive, vehicle management software for both home and business use.

FreightFinder Find Trucking Freight Fast & FREE!

Get Loaded Web site gives companies loads and back hauls for your trucks.

Truckers Accounting Service Accounting and tax needs for over-the-road truckers.

Toll Free Internet Service A comprehensive internet service that is tailored to your family's needs and concerns.

NATSN, North American Truck Stop Network  Truck Stop network information.

Truck-Mart The name say's it all, find a truck!

Expedite Pro  Especially interesting on this site is the section on Dispatchers.  There's an online forum for "Dispatch talk" as well as some stories about Dispatchers who took ride-alongs.  New concept, new idea and about time someone thought of it considering your dispatcher is one of the most important people in your life as a driver!

Sage Tech Nationwide Truck Driving Schools The SAGE Corporation has provided high quality, comprehensive professional tractor-trailer driver training to thousands of students across the country.

Truck Crash To raise awareness by looking at what really happens when that truck wrecks....

Crist's CDL Site Information on the CDL program. Sample tests you can do online. There's also a new bulletin board devoted to new drivers as well as boards for certain topics. To go directly to the bulletin boards, click Road Wars

A HazMat Mess Story of a Hazardous Materials wreck and clean up effort, lots of pics.

Rollin Thunder's Truck Stop Great site by a lady Owner Operator. Lots of truck pics and DO NOT MISS the Convoy to Washington pics and journal!!

Driver's Test A site for those studying for CDL tests -- and a great many other Department of Transportation tests. Take practice test(s) online and see answers immediately. New message board and other miscellaneous.

The Big City Driver   A native driver of the Chicagoland area offers tips, advice and other for driving in the big city.  Practical information for keeping out of a wreck!

In The Driver's Seat A driver's site with all sort of miscellaneous information, jokes, thoughts, etc.  Very good section for Spouses of drivers and advice for maintaining a good relationship.

The Truckers Place Trucker's slang, 10-Codes, Webrings and Women in Trucking are a few of the offerings at this site. Also, history and a Christian Trucker Page. Lots of information.

I'm Fed UP!! is an organization that was brought about by the seemingly endless encroachment into the trucking industry and trucker's lives by the federal government, including all of its branches and agencies. Not just another political action group who, rather than seek legitimate reform, simply want to make noise for the sake of being heard. We are here to make change!

TRUCKDRIVERS on the World Wide Web All kinds of information - a major listing of driving schools, where you can use your laptop computer (laptop-friendly truck stops), truck pictures, a great many links.

CW's Truck Route Nice, personalized site dedicated to the men and women of the trucking industry, who, (quote from site) "would be naked, hungry and living in caves without trucks!" (ain't that the truth!!!)

Trucker's HomePages Lots and lots of links to truckers' home pages, among other things!!! Construction alerts, drivers alerts, matters of driver interest, post cards and message board.

Jilly's Place The interactive site for professional drivers and people looking to get into the industry. Thoughts and essays about what it's like being a driver, information for potential owner/ops, message boards and much more...YOU MUST visit the "PICS" section... you should find it very interesting!

Retired Truckers Cyber Headquarters A great site for retired drivers, as well as working drivers, arranged by state. Somebody should have thought of this sooner! Also, a memorial to deceased drivers. (Great Idea!)

Proud Rebel's Trucker's Wives Club Pictures, awards, links and a message board especially for the wives of drivers. Being able to talk to other driver's wives or significant others makes it easier.

HOMEROAD Short for "Hands Over Miles Easily Reaching Out Across Divides", this trucker's wife's page offers tips & comments about being apart, and e-mail buddy lists for children and parents.

Trucker Buddy Drivers A neat web page made by drivers who have a Trucker Buddy class they correspond with. The page gives you examples of what they do for their TB class, what the class sends them, pictures, links and other misc.

Ridin Shotgun A Trucker's Wife's Viewpoint, a dedication to the drivers of the U.S.A. Lots of links, trucking poems and truckers homepages. Stop by for awhile!

Don's Homepage Don Box's home page is short and sweet. There's a "Featured Site of the Duration" and a "Thought of the Duration," plus favorite trucking and non-trucking links.

The Truckers Page Essays, great links, and you can get the book, "White Line Fever."

Packratt's Large Car Lounge If you're thinking about becoming an owner-operator, check out the essay on "So You Want to be an Owner-Operator." Some nice truck pictures.

Master Plan Trucking Some great software links, road conditions, trucking news resources, and my favorite is the link to "Statistics".

The Traveler's Highway News, Views and Information for Truckers and Travelers. A site that looks at causes and cures of highway crashes. Statistics, news, opinions and just fun stuff...

Mapquest Routing from/to any point in the United States. Can choose quickest or shortest route. Door-to-door directions or city-to-city.

Mapblast Routing from/to any point in US +. Also has weather, misc.

PC Miler You can download a free demo of PC Miler for your home state. This is one of the programs used by many companies to calculate routing and mileage.

Driver's Daily Log Program A great little program for doing your log. What's better, it's free.

Mile by Prophesy You can get truck specific routing here for individual trips, along with state mileage breakdowns. Only site on the Internet to offer this at this time. Lots of information on many trucking subjects.

Load America Free software (or nearly so -- you pay $9.95 for shipping) for drivers. Keeps track of expenses, load numbers, equipment service, settlements, etc.

FreightWorld Links broken down into 24 major categories. An extensive list of trucking company links, listed alphabetically or geographically. Links to news sources, transportation sites, organizations & more.

Midnight Cowboy Radio Show Listen to the Midnight Cowboy Trkg Network live via the 'Net!

The Trucker Web page of the free trucking newspaper, "The Trucker" available nationwide. News articles, archives and job information, misc.

Transport Topics Truckingís Electronic Newspaper Stories, news, classifieds, archives, industry news.

Trucker's Lawyer A site for drivers who need legal assistance because they've suffered a work-related injury or illness.

Interstate America Makers of truck stop, exit and vacation guides. Very important items to have. You can order from the site.

Accuthump The correct way to thump those tires! There's also information about tire blowouts, links and an interesting essay on what is a "Professional Driver".

Commercial Carrier's Journal Here's where you can order CCJ's Air Brake Book. One of the best resources regarding air brakes/air brake systems.

Park-N-View Park-N-View truckstop locations. Park-N-View is a network of truckstops that have yellow "bumps" at the parking stalls with cable and telephone connections. It is very convenient. You can go on the ëNet or even receive calls right in your truck.

Trucker Buddy A great program that matches a class of students to a driver. The driver writes postcards and letters to the class regularly.

Truckline Highlights of this site from the American Trucking Associations. Links to trucking companies, transportation associations, etc. Information and links to ATA subsidiaries. News and current events in the industry.

Paccar Home Page - Peterbilt & Kenworth tractors

Speed Traps Bet you never knew there were so many well-known speed traps in the U.S. Listed by state.

The World Map of Live WebCams Neat site ñ can look at live cameras all over the world!

Traffic Cams.Com A searchable database of live traffic cams.

The Dock Report Dock Report is an interactive site where trucking companies can research and report on conditions at shipping and receiving docks throughout North America. The Truckload Carriers Association estimates that wait time at docks costs the industry $1.5 billion a year. That lost revenue affects the general economy and drives up the cost of goods for all consumers. Only downside to this site is you must register by faxing in a form.

Safer Systems By entering a compan's ICCMC or DOT number, you can get a great deal of information about them; such as safety ratings, percentage of out of service vehicles and drivers. A search can be done by the companyís name also but result is not found as accurately as with their ICCMC # or DOT#. Very useful tool.

DAC Information Svcs The company that keeps information on all CDL licensed drivers. It is in a driverís best interest to know what is on his/her DAC report. May also call DAC at: 1-800-331-9175.

Commercial Vehicle Training The Commercial Vehicle Training Association, Inc. ("CVTA") was formed by a group of commercial vehicle driver training schools

Professional Truck Drivers Institute (PTDI) Here you can get a complete listing of all truck driving schools certified by the PTDIA, among other things.

The "No-Zone" A Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration campaign to educate people about how to share the road safely with large trucks and buses.

CRASH An organization devoted to truck safety. They are working to make trucking operations in the U.S. as safe as possible because too often, the industry places productivity ahead of safety issues. Their goal is to always make sure that safety is the top priority of legislators, regulatory bodies and trucking interests.

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